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Buyer Cost Sheet - The buyer cost sheet is a simple product that will allow you or your customers to establish what how much of a home they can afford. By adding a few bits of information, a professions customized report can be generated. This product was really interned to be plugged into your web site to allow customers or prospective customers establish what it will take to purchase their dream home. Further development will be done to this product and those who take advantage of it, will automatically get upgraded. To order, click..... Annual price - $ 39.95

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Short Sale Calculator - this calculator will be the first of many calculators that will be developed. This tool was intended to assist a Real Estate Agent in establishing if a property will qualify for a Short Sale. Getting a listing is always a great thing, but if it has no change of ever closing, you and your seller will only go through emotional stress that you could have avoided at the beginning. To order, Click......

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